"There Is A Time" Richard Price Sunday AM 12/31/2017

"Why Not Go And See?" Richard Price Sunday AM 12/24/2017

"It's Just A Testimony" Richard Price Wednesday 12/20/2017

"It's About the Cross" Men's Quartet Sunday PM 12/17/2017

"Holy Is The Lamb" Ladies Ensemble Sunday PM 12/17/2017

"The Night That Christ Was Born" Silent Praise Sunday PM 12/17/2017

"2000 Decembers Ago" Mary and Lydia Sunday PM 12/17/2017

"We All Bow Down" The PCOA Kids Sunday PM 12/17/2017

"Born Is The King" The PCOA Kids Sunday PM 12/17/2017

"We Need Vision" Richard Price Sunday AM 12/17/2017

"A Strategic Praise" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 12/10/2017

"It Changes Today" Richard Price Sunday AM 12/10/2017

"Friend Of God" The PCOA Kids Sunday AM 12/3/2017

"Could This Day Be Your Day?" Richard Price Sunday AM 12:3:2017

"You Can Boast In Me God" Bret Serviss Wednesday 11/29/2017

"I Will Rejoice" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 11/26/2017

"Bigger Than God" Richard Price Sunday AM 11/26/2017

"The PCOA Thanksgiving Singing" Sunday PM 11/19/2017

"A Kingdom Of Righteousness, Peace And Joy" Richard Price Sunday AM 11/19/2017

"Bold Faith" Lloyd Shirley Sunday PM 11/12/2017

Global Missions 2017

"What Are You Expecting Today?" Richard Price Sunday AM 11/12/2017

"The Things God Cannot Do" Clayton Alspaw Wednesday 11/8/2017

"God Is" Richard Price Sunday AM 11/5/2017

"The Tale Of Two Sons" Jeremy Ferguson Wednesday 11/01/2017

Community Sings - The PCOA and 3rd Street Baptist Church Sunday PM 10/29/2017

"Beautifully Broken" Youth Sign Team Sunday PM 10/29/2017

"Only You" Richard Price Sunday AM 10/29/2017

"Taking Control Of Your World" Richard Price Wednesday 10/25/2017

"It Just Takes One Day" Richard Price Sunday AM 10/22/2017

"Freedom From The Thorns" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 10/15/2017

"He Will Supply" Richard Price Sunday AM 10/15/2017

"I Want To Hear What He Has To Say" Richard Price Wednesday 10/11/2017

"Didn't I Tell You?" Richard Price Sunday AM 10/8/2017

"My Revival" Richard Price Wednesday 10/4/2017

"What You Need Can Manifest God" Richard Price Sunday AM  10/1/2017

"The Danger Of Being Blessed" Richard Price Sunday PM  9/24/2017

"Does He Believe In You?" Richard Price Sunday AM  9/24/2017

"Worth Knowing" Richard Price Wednesday  9/20/2017

"Signs Of Christ's Return" Anthony Needham Sunday PM 9/17/2017

"God Always Knows" Richard Price Sunday AM 9/17/2017

"I'm Glad I Know" Richard Price Wednesday 9/13/2017

"It's The Real Thing" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 9/10/2017

"What John Learned From The Miracle" Richard Price Sunday AM 9/10/2017

"What Prayer Looks Like" Richard Price Wednesday 9/6/2017

"Just Enough Strength" Richard Price Wednesday 8/30/2017

"It's Time To Let Down The Nets" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 8/27/2017

"When The I AM Says, I Will" Richard Price Sunday AM 8/27/2017

"He Has Come Down To Deliver" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 8/20/2017

"I Gave You That" Richard Price Sunday AM 8/20/2017

"You Shall Be" Austin Jackson Section 4 Youth Rally Friday 8/18/2017

"The Generation Of Solomon" Eric Whittingham Wednesday 8/16/2017

Lydia Singing "Glory to Glory" Sunday AM 8/13/2017

"What Do You Have To Give?" Daniel Detemple Wednesday 8/9/2017

"Taketh Away The Sins Of The World" Mike Bingham Sunday PM 8/6/2017

"Ready, Aim, Fire!" Richard Price Sunday AM 8/6/2017

"Discerning The Spirits" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 7/30/2017

"It's Time To Pray" Richard Price Sunday AM 7/30/2017

NAYC Youth Trip 2017

"The One Who Possesses The Gate" Eric Whittingham Wednesday 7/26/2017

"Empty Victory" Jonathan Sanders Sunday AM 7/23/2017

"The Greater Lesson" Richard Price Sunday AM 7/16/2017

"I Have Some Promises" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 7/9/2017

"It's All In His Hand" Richard Price Sunday AM 7/9/2017

"It Is Still His House" Richard Price Sunday AM 7/2/2017

Youth Signing "Let The Veil Down" Sunday AM 7/2/2017

"Concerning Swine" Eric Whittingham PM 6/25/2017

"Lord, Teach Me To Pray" Richard Price Sunday AM 6/25/2017

"The Power Of Demonstration" Paul Price Sunday PM 6/18/2017

"What A Beautiful Name It Is" Tara and Eva Price Sunday PM 6/18/2017

"Dads" Richard Price Sunday AM 6/18/2017

Kid's Special Happy Father's Day Presentation Sunday AM 6/18/2017

"He Prayed" Richard Price Sunday PM 6/11/2017

"The Other Side" Richard Price Sunday AM 6/11/2017

"It's Still An Acts Church" Richard Price Wednesday 6/7/2017

"What God Sees" Richard Price Wednesday 5/31/2017

"The Lord Appeared" Richard Price Sunday AM 5/28/2017

"The Battle Of Boot Hill" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 5/21/2017

"He Has What You Need" Richard Price Sunday AM 5/21/2017

"Jesus Knows!" Jeremy Ferguson Wednesday 5/17/2017

"Thank You Mom" Richard Price Sunday AM 5/14/2017

"Kid's Signs For Mom" Sunday AM 5/14/2017

"I Will Get My Answer" Richard Price Wednesday 5/10/2017

"The House Of Darkness" Eric Whittingham Sunday AM 5/7/2017

"This Has A Purpose" Clayton Alspaw Wednesday 5/3/2017

"Walking By Faith, Not By Sight" Jeremy Epley Wednesday 4/26/2017

"Whom Are You Looking For?" Richard Price Sunday AM 4/23/2017

"He's Able" Dillon Jordan Wednesday 4/19/2017

"Calvary Through your Eyes" Richard Price Sunday AM 4/16/2017

"Lord, You're Holy" Youth Drama Sunday AM 4/16/2017

"One Two Three, Jesus Is Alive" Kid's Choir Sunday AM 4/16/2017

"Jessie Ledbetter's Funeral" Saturday 4/15/2017

"Therefore" Richard Price Wednesday 4/12/2017

"This Is Not How It Ends" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 4/9/2017

"What Would He Do?" Richard Price Sunday AM 4/9/2017

"Don't Miss It" Richard Price Wednesday 4/5/2017

"Get Up And Make It Happen" Richard Price Sunday AM 4/2/2017

"The Voice Of Strangers" Clayton Alspaw Friday 3/31/2017

"It's A Choice" Brett Serviss Wednesday 3/29/2017

"As Things Get Worse" Dewayne Kirk Sunday AM 3/26/2017

"That Same Spirit" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 3/19/2017

"What Are You Expecting?" Richard Price Sunday AM 3/19/2017

"Anointing Is Anointing" Richard Price Wednesday 3/15/2017

"Just Encouragement" Richard Price Sunday PM 3/12/2017

"The Tomorrow Of A Healing" Richard Price Sunday AM 3/12/2017

"I KNOW!" Richard Price Wednesday 3/8/2017

"More Than Supper" Richard Price Sunday AM 3/5/2017

"Testimony" Silent Praise Sunday AM 3/5/2017

"You Are Not Born A Giant Killer" Richard Price Wednesday 3/1/2017

"Be Thankful Unto Him" Rich Price Sunday PM 2/26/2017

"You Control The Door" Richard Price Sunday AM 2/26/2017

"The Wound" Eric Whittingham Friday 2/24/2017

"The Wilderness" Eric Whittingham Sunday AM 2/19/2017

"Make In Me" Richard Price Wednesday 2/15/2017

"Ask!" Richard Price Sunday PM 2/12/2017

"Have You Met Him?" Richard Price Sunday AM 2/12/2017

"Let God Make You" Richard Price Wednesday 2/8/2017

"This Service!" Richard Price Sunday AM 2/5/2017

"Humble Yourself" Richard Price Wednesday 2/1/2017

"What Makes An Apostolic Church?" Richard Price Sunday PM 1/29/2017

"Do More" Richard Price Sunday AM 1/29/2017

"Healing Paths" Danny Whitley Sunday PM 1/22/2017

"The Year I Saw The Lord" Danny Whitley Sunday AM 1/22/2017

"All Things Ever I Did" Danny Whitley Saturday 1/21/2017

"The Undefeatable Enemy" Danny Whitley Friday 1/20/2017

"The Part That Was Kept Back" Richard Price Sunday 1/15/2017

"It's Your Treasure" Richard Price Wednesday 1/11/2017

"The Gatekeeper" Eric Whittingham Sunday PM 1/8/2017

"And The Lord Appeared" Richard Price Sunday AM 1/8/2017

"This Is Mine" Richard Price Wednesday 1/4/2017