We have a wonderful Youth Group that are "Rooted" in the Church. They are very busy with outings and events. They always enjoy their time together. 

Every Wednesday night and Sunday morning, our children breakout into their own gathering in kidz city and enjoy an exciting time of fun and worship in a way that they always love.

WomenofGracenew copy.jpg

The women always have a great time whether it's dinners or times just to get together. It's always wonderful to be with friends.

The men enjoy things such as camping trips, prayer breakfasts, and other outings. It's always a great time.

This group is way too old for the youth group but, they refuse to be old. They love being together. They enjoy restaurants, outings, and other activities

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This wonderful group affectionately calls themselves "GAG", standing for the golden aged group. Gathering frequently for outings fitted for them, they have a wonderful time in their golden years.